Veghiamo includes a range of organic plant-based products created using natural ingredients, able to offer a balanced dietary response that meets the increasing consumer demands for health and wellness.

Our high-quality products are all delicious, healthy and ideal for the entire family, characterised by a protein content of approximately 30% and less than 9% of fat.

Passion, along with the capacity to observe and understand the evolving market, have led to the development of products reflecting Italy’s tradition of fine food. All products are also tasty and healthy, thanks also to the know-how combined with advanced technology.

All products are developed with utmost care and safety, guaranteed by the full respect of rigorous quality standards. The Organic and Vegan certifications obtained from the ICEA (Environmental and Ethical Certification Institute) Consortium ensure the best guarantee in terms of quality and goodness.

A broad range of whole and sliced products is available.